Tuesday, April 7, 2009

People who collect dolls are GREAT!

I can't believe that I haven't posted to my blog for over a month! Actually, I've been working on a novel about a news reporter who rediscovers her childhood love--dolls! Yesterday a friend called and was just wondering how my business was going in this economy and also how my doll blog was going. I'm like, oh yeah, I have a doll blog. I originally started it to meet other doll collectors and find out how they went about it, etc, and just share this great love of all things adorable, cute, and enchanting--all things dolls!
The one thing that I have found out for sure is that people who love dolls are just plain nice. I bought my one and only, never-removed-from package, liddle kiddle--Pretty Parlor--on ebay. As I communicated back and forth with the seller, I realized that I was talking to the lady who wrote THE BOOK on Liddle Kiddles. When Pretty Parlor arrived she came with lots of extras from Paris, along with a hand written note. So special!
Then, when I ordered my Kelly books I got a note from the online store that the books would be shipping directly from the author. I sent a quick e-mail to the author after I received these beautiful books and her response was just so genuine and lovely. Not to mention, all of the notes, and extra gifts, I've received from fellow doll collectors.
I'm reading a book about "play" in human culture and it has really opened my eyes to the innate need in all of us to play every day.


  1. Hey!
    Great site.

    And I just happen to recall
    the jingle from the 1960's
    Liddle Kiddles commercial!

    Certainly before your time...


  2. Thanks, Chuck! It's amazing what sticks in our minds over time, huh? TV theme songs are inerasable for me.