Sunday, May 3, 2009

Paper Dolls!

A very dear friend found a set of Lucky Locket Paper Dolls and gave them to the other day. So nice...couldn't have been more suprised. Karen is also a collector, not so much of dolls but of beautiful china and fun kitschy stuff. We both do share a love of vintage barbies, though.
My grandmother always saved the Betsy McCall paper dolls out of McCalls magazine for me. I absolutely adored paper dolls because it meant that you could have lots of clothes and accessories. Real doll clothes and accessories were luxuries back in the 1970's and many of us made our own, which was fun and creative in it's own right. However, when that Sears Christmas catalogue came in the mail, I couldn't help but lust over sequined gowns and fabulous "fur" coats and muffs.


  1. Ooooh, mindwaves!!!! I remember these dolls! [cue: Jimi Hendrix music]... they were like toy versions of those 60's paintings of those kids with really buggy eyes (it was like the art world suddenly embraced Grave's disease). Girls in the neighborhood stuck 'em up next to their fuzzy white cat dolls with AM transistor radios stuffed up inside where a real non-radio equipped cat's intestinal tract would normally be. I found 10-year old girls bewildering.

  2. I love your paper dolls. I've used it as a pattern for my paper dolls on my blog:

    Thank you very much for sharing!

  3. Thank you for showing this. You would make a lot of people in the collecting world happy if you make good scans when you share paper dolls.

    Could you please, as a favor to me, scan those Kiddle paper dolls and put the scans on your blog? (As they are old, you won't be breaking copyright laws.)

    I will then tell the Paper doll collecters group to come look at your blog.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Good idea, Retha. I will try to scan and post by the end of the week. Maybe it will inspire me to write more on the blog.