Saturday, April 18, 2009

Anzi Dolls

I have fallen in love with Anzi dolls. I like that no two dolls are exactly alike, each are poseable, the face detail is excellent, they can wear Kelly clothes, and who wouldn't love the price--each doll is only $1.00 to $1.50!

My kids discovered that on the back of every "Lovely Anzi" package there is a cryptic message:

It is happy to Swim to

Round me


You also may

Be happy
They thought this was simply hilarious, one more thing for two teenagers to tease their mom about. However, I say this could be the secret to life. We could all do worse than to live by these words.


  1. I have one like this. I call her Hanna. I use her as a character in my comic strip. She plays a kid from the future. ^_^

    I find that doll special because she was a gift from a little girl. Imagine a girl giving an adult a doll.

  2. How lovely! I saw Hanna in your comic strip when I visited your blog today. I really like your work!