Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dream Wish List

This morning I went visiting in EbayLand. I didn't buy anything, but oh man if I had money...! It was fun, though, because I made a list for my kids of possible Mothers Day presents. Yep, I'm one of those moms that has finally woken-up and started asking for what I want for the few holidays I have. When Jill and Steven were little, they delighted in going out and shopping for something "special" for Mom. It was always fun to see what they thought I just couldn't live without, which, by the way, were very close to things they wanted--like stuffed animals, plaques with butterflys on them, "stained glass" window displays, boxes of candy, etc. Jill was the first to really start trying and asking me what I might like, plus she is an artist and made me several things that I still treasure today.

The list I made today was comprised entirely of Liddle Kiddles. The prices are such that I only expect one, but it sure is fun to dream.


  1. For making your own wishlist, i salute you!

    Now cue the jingle (to the tune of Are You Sleeping)...

    "Liddle Kiddles
    Liddle Kiddles
    they are all
    very small
    so much fun to play with..."

  2. Or, how about the strange tag line at the end of the perfume kiddles commercial,"You can tell they're Mattel, just smell." I like the jingle much better!