Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holiday Dolls

I have a ficus tree in my bedroom that I have been decorating with dolls for each holiday. I have always had twinkle lights on the tree, but never really thought of decorating it. Then the Halloween Peekaboos came out. I wanted to display them without taking them out of the package. At first I put them in my daughter's room, where incidently, I display many of my dolls because she is away at college. Although, I felt kind-of bad about putting dolls in Jill's room, but when she came home for fall break I offered to take out the Kellys and Peekaboos and Tuttis, but she wouldn't let me--so sweet! Anyway, we decided that the ficus tree would be the perfect place to hang the Halloween dolls.
I noticed that both Kelly and Peekaboos came out with Christmas dolls. I had seen Barbie holiday dolls in the past, but not really being a Barbie collector hadn't paid much attention. So, I had a sweet Christmas display on my bedroom tree. Same for Valentines Day, and now Easter...the little package the dolls come in are perfect for hanging. Now, if I could just take a good, clear picture of the tree! Jill is coming home for Easter so maybe I'll ask her to bring her fancy camera and have her take a pic for me.

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