Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Chillin'

Oh, to have the life of a doll! Sure, they are plastic, inanimate, and only capable of a couple of expressions, but then so are a lot of people I've met.

I actually didn't like original Blythe dolls back in the 1970's. I thought they were ugly and scary with their weird changing eyes and dark circles. However, if I would have bought a couple of them back then I would have enough money today to go on a trip to Europe. Yep, Blythe's are worth thousands of dollars because they are so scarce. Apparently, alot of other children didn't like them, either.

Anyway, I love today's Petite Blythe...much cuter and more approachable!


  1. I am so in agreement with you on your doll tastes and observations of human nature! I love the Petite Blythes, and I think the full sized Blythes have such big heavy heads. The smaller the cuter, in my opinion.

  2. You're's the head that is so weird, too! I have so much fun talking about dolls and connecting with people who know what it's like!

  3. Hi, I love those Petite Blythes, so cute....I love small dolls, and I´m making my own ooak dolls modeling from polymer clay, it´s so fun!!!!!!!

  4. Small dolls rock! I checked out your site today and I loved all of your mini's!