Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Dolls

I've become a devotee of Facebook this year, so blogging has definitely taken a back seat...more like been run off the road for me. I do keep in touch with my fav blogs via e-mail, which is great! Anyway, it appears that there will not be any Halloween Peekaboos this year :-( Kelly is still running strong for 2009 with Miranda as the bride of frankenstein; Kayla as a green zombie; and Kelly as a cute vampire-ess.

I'm a virtual assistant/bookkeeper/girl friday by trade and one of my clients is in the exhibits and tradeshow industry. I travel with her for shows and there is a chance that we might go to Toy Fair (TIA) in February! I've researched the show and there are several exhibitors from Colorado who might need some assistance. I hope so as I would adore going to NY for the infamous show "ToyCon"!

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  1. Thanks for the information about the Halloween Kellys. They are cute. Bride of Frankenstein and Girl Frankenstein are new as is Kelly as vampire.