Wednesday, February 18, 2009


When I first started collecting I had a set amount of money I could spend and I was only focusing on Liddle Kiddles. And every day I would be disappointed because I couldn't afford many of the kiddles I wanted. My boyfriend volunteered to go to antique stores, doll hospitals, doll stores, Goodwill, Savers, flea markets, etc., to search for kiddles. After all that, he was able to find two locket kiddles for me. To this day, we both cannot go into a thrift store without searching through all of the bags of dolls, just in case a kiddle is hidden amongst all of the McDonald-land-toys--which, by the way, some people actually collect!
During this time, I was checking out any doll book I could find at the library. One was about Barbie, and had loads of great pictures. I saw Chris, who is a friend of Barbie's sister Tutti, who herself is a twin of Todd. Chris's face really looked quite a bit like a kiddle face. So, I started looking for Chris on ebay. Too expensive again! However, I did find a doll lot of 10 Tutti dolls. The bidding was over the Thanksgiving holiday and luckily my daughter, Jill, was home from college. She logged in at the last minute and won the Tutti Lot, and case, for just $40.00!
(BTW--Jill, who herself thinks most dolls look "weird", surprised her mom at Christmas and Birthday with gifts of 10 kiddles! Apparently the university has quite the high speed internet which, I am told, is a must have for successful ebay bidding :-)
I really like my Tutti's! I found out that Kelly's ballet slippers fit Tutti's feet. I dressed two of them in Kelly dresses; the rest all came with their original clothes. The hair was the biggest challenge, so I used a mixture of fabric softener and water to get out tangles then shampooed and added hair ribbons. Voila!


  1. So cute! Fabric conditioner works wonders on so many dolls, it's the only reason I buy it ^-^!

    The artwork on the case is so cute too!

    Holly xoxo

  2. Me, too, re: fabric softener! I seriously love all of the old doll cases.