Thursday, January 22, 2009

Liddle Kiddles

It all began on September 24, 2008. I know, I know, not a long-time-ago, once-upon-a-time beginning, but those all have to begin somewhere, right? Anyway, I was at a client's office helping search for information on model car racing for an upcoming display. I landed at You Tube and started looking through video after video. Since we couldn't decide if the display would be retro, I started to look through vintage toy commercials and came across one for Liddle Kiddles. I googled Liddle Kiddles and, pow!...eBay extravaganza!
That very evening, I signed up for eBay to find the kologne, kola kiddles, and case I had as a child. Straight away I found a set of the kologne kiddles. They arrived two days later--the seller was practically down the street from me. Not knowing what to expect, I opened the package and inside was gobs of bubble wrap. (I've since experienced that Liddle Kiddle collectors, or kollectors--yep, all "c"s convert to "k"s in our world--love bubble wrap. I've bought other dolls and none are wrapped to the extent that Liddle Kiddles are.) Happy ending...buried inside the box, and individually cocooned in bubble wrap and scotch tape, Kiddles! Two weeks later I had the kola kiddles, and the kase. Then the research started...

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